Rare Birds

The worst thing you can do in high school is admit you love something. A play about adolescent violence and your mother's new boyfriend.


When Orville's pregnant wife is hit by a drunk driver, they are able to save the baby but not her. Will Orville be able to be a father to his child or will revenge get the best of him?

A Thing Of Beauty

A much despised art critic who is slowly going blind falls under the spell of a painter with an agenda of her own.

Where You Can't Follow

When his doctor tells him he doesn't have more than a month left to live, Matt realizes he's never been in love before. So he leaves home, flies to Paris and tries to fall in love before he dies.

My Base And Scurvy Heart

Few are more fearsome than Terrible Pirate Lottie, Scourge of Every Sea, with a Heart as Steely as her Sword and Beauty that Rivals her Bloodlust. Nary a man has been able to penetrate her Murderous Crew of Lesbian Rogues. But can she fend off both the Soft-Skinned Shepherdess with a Secret as well as the Rapacious Rival Rapscallion who threatens to Plunder her Booty?

Clown Bar
a clown noir play

Long ago Happy left the Clown Bar and the organized clown crime world to work for the good guys. Now his junkie brother Timmy has been murdered and Happy returns to his old life to ask a few questions. But can he go home again without getting sucked into the seedy clown underbelly of vice and violence? Can he survive the gun toting clowns who used to be his friends or Blinky, the lady clown he left behind.

The Why Overhead

An office comedy. Karen, the boss, hasn't been heard from for a while. In her absence, Nigel and Annie are waging an escalating office war. Alan and Sid are battling for Jessica's affections and building a glass ceiling. Sam is falling in love. Donald, the former office manager is loading a gun and plotting revenge. Karen is thinking of taking her dog and leaving forever. But first, she's going to sing a hobo song.

Hearts Like Fists

Dr X is sneaking into people's apartments late at night and injecting lovers with a serum that stops their hearts. Lisa joins the Crimefighters, a group of crimefighting women, to stop him. Peter, a heart doctor, is trying to create an artificial heart that can be mass produced so no one will fear to sleep with their lovers again.

Fat Cat Killers

After getting laid off, Michael and Steve decide to kidnap the CEO of the company who laid them off.


Elise is a pyromaniac fire chief who falls in love with Jake, the detective investigating her fires. Carrie, Elise's therapist, is trying to get her to stop lighting fires and Carrie's husband, Gary, is leading the life of a somewhat ineffective corporate spy.


When Teddy comes to Celia’s house to deliver a package, he doesn’t expect to be invited for dinner. When he comes to dinner, he doesn’t expect to be invited to live there. When he starts to live there, he doesn’t expect to be drugged or buried.

Herbie, Poet of the Wild West

A cowboy comedy/tragedy about a poet who comes home from New York to the wild west after his uncle kills his father.

Pretty Theft

An autistic man obsessed with ballerinas. A kidnapper. A waitress. Two girls in a stolen car running from a funeral and some unpleasantness in a group home.

**(Published by Samuel French)

Food For Fish

Bobbie drops pages from his novel into the Hudson River. The pages tell a story of three sisters: a stalker, an agoraphobe (played by a man in drag), and a scientist with a plan to isolate and eliminate the gene for love.

**(Published by Dramatists Play Service, Inc.)


A play about falling into a relationship on a first date. See modern dance and a marionette.

**(Published by Dramatists Play Service, Inc.)

Deflowering Waldo

Comedy about a 24-year-old ultra-phobic virgin.

**(Published by Dramatists Play Service, Inc.)

If you want to read any of these, or any of the others not listed, you can get in touch with me or my agent at Gersh.
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